• Summerhall (map)
  • Summerhall Place
  • Edinburgh, Scotland, EH9
  • United Kingdom

Band Night (Dissection Room, Summerhall)

***Doors open at 19:00***

**Admission is FREE. Donations will be given to The Welcoming Edinburgh, a charity with a vision of a diverse and inclusive Scotland where everyone feels welcome and can achieve their potential**

Join us for a celebration of the Edinburgh music scene! Seven bands, talented musicians, amazing music of all kinds! The evening will progress from world folk music, to Klezmer, Jazz, Blues, Funk fusion, Ska and Reggae and will close with Live Industrial Drumcore from your’s truly!

Eirini and Liana will present an assortment of traditional folk music from Latin America, North America, the Mediterranean and Eastern Europe arranged for cello, guitar, flute and two voices! Eirini and Liana have recently begun collaborating, focusing on their shared passion of folk music from around the world and improvisation. Additionally, they have been exploring music making and improvisation within a clinical framework, as they are both training to become music therapists.

Dowally are a folk trio composed of fiddle, guitar and accordion that plays original music which is somewhere between Scottish trad, Klezmer, and Jazz. Dowally make unclassifiable, thrillingly energetic music, fusing their love of traditional Scottish tunes with jazz harmony, Balkan rhythms and deep Americana raucousness. Dan Abrahams’ driving guitar and Rachel Walker’s swinging fiddle are joined by the extraordinary Phil Alexander (Moishe’s Bagel) on accordion.

The Ambiguous Band is a 5-piece Blues/Rock band from several parts of the world based in Edinburgh. It all started from an open mic, love for music and a ridiculous amount of good beer. Why Ambiguous? Well because there's not a specific style. If it feels good, they'll play it.

Baba Yaga are a 5-piece band from Edinburgh, playing their own style of funk fusion, with elements of Eastern European/Balkan influence, along with americana, and folk.

SUPA & Da Kryptonites are a 9 piece Funk, Ska, Reggae, Soul, Hip-Hop, Swing and Grime Band, in other words Edinburgh's biggest genre mash up! Without fail, they can get a crowd of any size on the floor and bouncing, completely owning the audience, no one ever leaves a gig disappointed or without a face of sheer excitement!

Mad Gerald
A four piece band blending rock’n’roll full of infectious hooks, danceable rhythms and a healthy dose of psychedelia. "What do they sound like?!" You say. Well a mixed bag really, like a well crafted mix tape that smooth sails through a variation of styles. One might say they're hearing 60s psych then space funk onto dreamy pop followed by jazz tinged prog. One thing is certain - you won't hear the same song twice.

Event Page: http://www.synfestivaledinburgh.co.uk/index-2/
Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/323644181604293/